3M Lapping Film

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Very good
von am 24.08.2018
I use this lapping film for honing straight razor (also use stones).

The shipping and delivery is very fast.
Very careful packaging!
As I'm picky with the film for straight razor, don't want any wrinkles from shipping, happy to found this seller!

Thanks Markus for high services and and care for the product you deliver!

very good for fountain pen nibs maintenance and smooting
von am 20.02.2017
Perfect for nig final grinding, using the 3 finest degrees 1-0.3-0.03 micron (the coarser are too strong).
I have used them in water and put the film over an elastic pad. Used in sequence from 1 micron to .3 to .03.
Opaque side is correct working side, glossy is the back
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